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  • Sat next to a Mortician

    I sat next to a mortician on my flight home from LA last night. These are the things I’ve learned: 1. he actually laughed at my joke: “everyone’s dying to get in…” 2. he hates nextel service, but likes the nextel phones (me too!) 3. He’s not afraid of ghosts 4. In his funeral parlor, […]

  • Don’t mess with New York!

    Bystander punched Borat in face | | The Australian Borat chose the wrong city to mess with people.

  • Geico Caveman

    I really like this song.   Its the Latest Geico commercial featuring the “sensitive” caveman. He just can’t get away from the madness. The song in the background is by Royksopp and called “Remind Me”.  

  • An Irishman’s Philosophy

    My friend Paul posted the following on my brother’s myspace page.  I thought it was pretty funny, and worth sharing: An Irishman’s Philosophy In life, there are only two things to worry about— Either you are well or you are sick. If you are well, there is nothing to worry about, But if you are […]


    In case you didn’t know….Brown is the new hotness for 2006.  And if you don’t know what I’m talking bout, you suck.

  • Moving to Cali!

    Surf’s up! Originally uploaded by W3RD. So it looks like I’m moving to Santa Monica, CA! Just waiting on the details and approval from my manager as well as Rose’s manager. In the next 2 months we have to finish planning our wedding, get married, honeymoon, find an apartment in CA, and rent my house […]

  • Guess why the LIRR costs so much?

    It takes 6 construction guys to remove a few bricks!!!!! The bricks weren’t even sitting in concrete or mortar….just sand! 1 to hold the hammer 1 to hit the hammer 1 to remove the bricks 1 to string the “do not cross line” tape 1 to watch for trains for no reason 1 to supervise […]

  • Guns & Babies

    Guns & Babies Originally uploaded by W3RD. What’s wrong with this picture? People in Vegas are just crazy. I went to a gun shop to shoot some machine guns for my bachelor party. I’m not a proponent of gun use…but I thought it may be neat to shoot some machine guns. This guy came into […]

  • No more 44’s!

    No more 44’s! Originally uploaded by W3RD. I can’t believe that 44’s is totally gone. It turned into Konrad’s after I graduated….but now its just a Pizza joint? weak! So many good memories!

  • Sunflowers

    Sunflower Originally uploaded by W3RD. I got to take some really cool flower shots last weekend when I was out on the north fork of Long Island.