Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Today I ran 3 miles at 8 minutes, 18 seconds per mile. Then I crashed the final last mile to have an 12 minutes per mile average. Hopefully I’ll be ready for the 10K next weekend!

Donated blood for first time

Donating blood for first time

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When I was younger I was afraid of only 2 things. Spiders and Needles. So I never gave blood, and would run like a little girl at the site of a spider. Thankfully I’ve overcome these fears. I hate bugs, and spiders eat bugs. That’s a good thing.

As for needles, I think I was partially scared of them because I associated them with getting sick, drug use, and disease. I think too many years in Catholic school had me brain washed.

Well the past few years when I went to give blood at various blood drives, for some bizarre reason I was turned away each time. Each time they had reached their capacity. Maybe more people in the NY area give blood or something.

So today I finally paid some of my debt to society. They tell me I saved 3 people today so I feel good.