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Bacara Resort, Santa Barbara – Watch out for the…

Bacara resort, originally uploaded by Declan!.

My mother flew into town to see my son and to give Rose and I a night off. So we decided to to go to The Bacara Resort in Santa Barbara. We finally had a good nights sleep, and it was a nice birthday present for Rose. The resort and spa was beautiful, and the service was impeccable.

The one thing I could not believe was that the beach was covered in oil and tar!!!!!!!!!! Anyone walking barefoot on the beach had to scrub their feet to remove the tar. Apparently the Santa Barbara channel has been seeping tar for a few hundred years! So the unfortunate side effect of this is that besides the tar on the beach, the air didn’t smell very fresh. Reminded me of someone paving blacktop on a driveway.


Filter Spam by Language in Gmail

spam cake

Originally uploaded by debbiedoescakes

I’ve been forwarding my personal email to Gmail for a few years now. Google’s anti-spam has been pretty amazing. Lately I’ve been noticing Russian spam getting through. I couldn’t create a filter based upon charset, but found another solution which seems to work great so far:

Creating a Russian-language filter in Gmail:

1. Click “Create Filter” located at the top of your Inbox
2. In the “Has the words:” field, enter: lang:Russian
3. Select “Delete it” within the Action List, and (if you have existing Russian Spam) select: “Apply Filter to Conversations below”
4. Click “Create Filter”


Horrible way to fix a cable run

Horrible way to fix a cable run

Originally uploaded by Declan!

I have a task at work to get a vendor to remove the telecommunication cabling from a floor we are giving back to the landlord. As were were doing the walk-through I came across the quality work done by a vendor many years ago.

Looks like they accidentally cut one of the cable runs, and decided to do a ghetto fix instead of running a new cable….what freaking crap!