Team Durcan – Triathlon winners!

Team Durcan – Triathlon winners!

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Rose and I completed our first triathlon, and I think we’re hooked. Ok we didn’t win, but man we had fun.

Lessons learned

1. socks are super important. I got a pair of the Nike running socks. Holy crap…totally worth it. they are the dry fit type with extra padding in certain locations. Didn’t have any blisters or foot issues after the race.

2. You need to get to a race at least an hour early to stretch out and prep your transition area. We got to the race basically right before the race started…which meant…I didn’t get to stretch out properly, or set my transition area up properly

3. I need to practice swimming more. Swimming in the ocean was a lot harder than I thought. My energy was completely spent when I finished the swim.

4. If you race with a mountain bike expect to be slower and more tired.. More tire and tread equals more friction. So you have to pedal more and harder to keep the same speed as those riding road bikes with skinny tires. Needless to say I was getting passed left and right, and was tired as crap when I finished the 10 miles.

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