Category: sucks

  • Expensive Month for stuff to break

    BMW car battery replacement/new floor mats: $300 Ford Explorer Catalytic converter monitor replacement: $588 Tenant fridgerator repair: $230 Tenant washer replacement: $400

  • Speeding ticket

    I got a speeding ticket while driving from NY > LA a few weeks ago. While driving through Kimble, Texas I got caught on radar going 116mph in an 80mph zone. I wasn’t able to get out of the ticket despite all my NY cop connections. lol. 36 miles over the speed limit will cost…

  • Syracuse bar Maggies Tavern closed

    Another one bites the dust! Maggies Tavern closed – BREAKING NEWS

  • i want another domain

    Rose’s works for tiffany…and they are blocking my damn website.  More it seems they are blocking all .net sites.    Bastardos!  So give me some recommendations!

  • motor city

    Just got back from Detroit for work. I didn’t get to see downtown detroit, but I did drive down 8 Mile Road….as in the same road from the Eminem movie. There’s lots of liquor stores and booty bars along that road…..alll too creepy to even consider checking them out. haha! I also rented a new…

  • insane gas prices

    i just payed $3.67 a gallon for premium gas…..are you f’in kidding me????? Cost me $55.00 bucks to fill my tank! 🙁