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10 ways to get a grip on your e-mail…

I work for Yahoo. People here have a serious problem with responding to emails. I think the biggest problem is the sheer volume of email that people receive. I also believe that they do not filter their mail effectively to deal with the volume.
Between work, personal, and automated alerts I probably get around 5000 a day. Despite the volume I think I manage my inbox fairly well. Here’s how you can organize your mail.

1. absolutely keep work and personal email separate. If you change jobs you never have to worry about updating a million people your new email address. If you can’t check personal email at work, then don’t do it. 😉 Trust me on this one. I used to manage email systems, and have been contacted by managers to give access to their employees inbox to see if they are using it for personal use too much.

2. create mail rules to filter your mail to certain folders (spam, colleagues, type, etc)

3. Besides your work account, you will need 2 more email accounts. One you only give out to friends and family. The other account for buying stuff online, email subscriptions lists, myspace, junk-email, etc. Think of it as your private and public email accounts.

Here are some other great ways to clean up your inbox:

10 ways to get a grip on your e-mail – May. 18, 2007



heading up to Toronto this weekend for work.  Its going to be REALLY REALLY COLD.   this sucks.  if i have some free time…expect some photos.


NIT pre-season tournament

Saw Duke vs. Drexel, and part of the Memphis vs. UCLA game tonight at MSG. For being ranked #1 Duke was pretty unimpressive. Drexel hung in there the whole game…and probably could have even won. Now memphis….they are going to be one hot team this year. They were dominating UCLA in every aspect. Both games ended up being fairly close in score…but the winners were pretty clear if you were watching the games


Going back to Cali

Heading over to Sunnyvale, Ca for the next 2 weeks. I’m taking 2 Juniper classes to increase my skillz….cause guys needs skills to pick up chicks and stuff. Like bo staff skills, computer hacking skills….