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  • Apple and the OS marketshare

    MacBook Pro Originally uploaded by the_ml In the news recently I read that mac laptop sales have take something like 17% or the market. And I think mac desktops have increased 5% or something. (these stats only show purchasing habits for the past 3 months, but still interesting) anywho, looking at awstats on my […]

  • Mac Tip: How to increase the size of the C: drive for XP running within OsX Parallels

    So I got an MacPro laptop with Parallels from work. While running XP under Parallels, XP keeps telling me I’m running out of space. While in XP looking at my partitions: my XP parallels install is 26GB total in size – C: partition is 8GB, and D: is 16GB I’ve been trying to figure out […]