Author: Declan Durcan


NIT pre-season tournament

Saw Duke vs. Drexel, and part of the Memphis vs. UCLA game tonight at MSG. For being ranked #1 Duke was pretty unimpressive. Drexel hung in there the whole game…and probably could have even won. Now memphis….they are going to be one hot team this year. They were dominating UCLA in every aspect. Both games ended up being fairly close in score…but the winners were pretty clear if you were watching the games


motor city

Just got back from Detroit for work. I didn’t get to see downtown detroit, but I did drive down 8 Mile Road….as in the same road from the Eminem movie. There’s lots of liquor stores and booty bars along that road…..alll too creepy to even consider checking them out. haha!

I also rented a new Ford Mustang. That car is like driving a big boat around. Handling sux, and there just seems like a bunch of plastic and crap around you. I’ll stick to my BMW M3 any day.


Going back to Cali

Heading over to Sunnyvale, Ca for the next 2 weeks. I’m taking 2 Juniper classes to increase my skillz….cause guys needs skills to pick up chicks and stuff. Like bo staff skills, computer hacking skills….